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Services to Ensure Compliance with the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board
  • Preparing Annual Reports

  • Site Inspection Reports

  • Manure Sampling

  • Lagoon Photographs

  • Waste and Nutrient Management Plans

  • Groundwater Monitoring and Reporting

Services to Ensure Compliance with the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District
  • Monthly Record-keeping 

  • Obtaining Authority to Construct Permits for Facility Expansions

  • Obtaining Authority to Construct Permits for Herd Expansions 

County Permits
  • Obtaining Permits with the Planning/Building Departments of the following counties:

    • Sacramento County

    • San Joaquin County

    • Stanislaus County

    • Merced County 

    • Madera County

    • Solano County

    • Fresno County

Services provided to the Natural Resources Conservation Service on Behalf of Dairy and Livestock Operations
  • Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans

F&R Ag Services can also supply more specific services and plans related to environmental compliance, tailored to meet each dairy's unique needs.

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